Monday, December 01, 2008

CEO's Statement UNGC COP 2008

On 2002/6/5 Global Synergetic Foundation joined the UN’s Global Compact, and in doing so expressed its steadfast commitment to the ten principles that the Compact puts forth. Compliance with these principles is without doubt one of the cornerstones for the democratic and cohesive existence of both companies and society as a whole.

It must be kept in mind while going through this COP that we are Think Tank and not a brick and mortar company.Our crue and participants vary year by year but our Conscience and Aim remain tha same.We operate more on platonic plain of humans and insistand motivate to implement the ideas in their own spheres of lives.

Foundation has been highly adaptive and has been undergoing drastic transformation during the intervening period according to the changing socioeconomic and political world order.

Two important inclinations are noticiable :
We are to give now equal thrust to promotion of World View and Etenal Wisdom for world peace and harmony and Climate and Environment.Secondly we became UN Caring for Climate Signatories in the year 2008.
In India, our Perennial Wisdom (Sanatan Dharma) is itself the Law of Cosmic Order where every existence, being and act becomes a part of it.It therefore includes almost all the principles of Global Compact.

Year 2008 has been a year of major transformation for the Organization as you would recognise its change from Organisation to Foundation.We are now able now to dissiminate theTen Pinciples but to get it implimented in a networked manner.It is due to this fact our COP got delayed a bit this year for which I extend my apology on behalf of the Foundation.

It is therefore with particular pride that I present our Third “Communication on Progress”, which describes how our signature of the Global Compact has paved the way to tangible, long-term actions both within our Organization and on behalf of our members.

What follows is mainly a synoptic in its essence, crisp but detailed version, however, will be circulated as attachments to email and footing references to publications and blogs,,, and also it is to appear on our website very shortly.
Regards and with best wishes
Chief Executive, GSF