Tuesday, September 15, 2009

ICNGO-Global Synergetic Rename their Project

On the path of “Gram Swarajya”of Mahatma Gandhi, after nearly a decade long meditation, synthesis of ideas and research ICNGO-Global Synergetic have reached at a revolutionary and unbelievable result which is capable of changing the history.
You will find it miraculously surprising since it has been reached using only 10% of existing programme and schemes already running by the Government as briefed below and that without any additional financial burden, provided Government is genuinely willing to solve the problems.
Our ICNGO Empowering Rural Youth project has been renamed with immediate effect. Now it is known as “Gram Swarajya Yojana” for Youth Rojgar & Rural Development does not demand any additional funding nor any additional programme or project from the Government other than already exist and running.