Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Global Synergetic leaves its presence felt in Copenhagen


The first night of the official start of the climate conference promises to be a big one as acts line up for an opening concert at the nation’s largest stadium Parken
By Kim Nightingale
Be ready to sing and dance at the Dance 4 Climate Change concert at Parken Stadium tonight. Some of the world’s hottest performers will be there to raise environmental awareness, including the UN Goodwill Ambassadors, Angelique Kidjo, Anggun, Cheb Khaled and Youssou N’Dour. The Danish acts are none other than The Dreams Rasmus Seebach, Nabiha, Danseorkestret, and Brinck and the initial international line-up already confirmed are Akon, Shaggy, and Europe.
With the concert to be broadcast in over 35 countries, The UN ‘Seal the Deal’ campaign will reach people all over the planet and give the opportunity to sign an online global petition which civil society will deliver to the heads of state. Public support presented in this manner has a great impact as the UN believes it will act as a representative reminder ‘that our leaders must negotiate a fair, balanced and effective agreement in Copenhagen, and that they must seal a deal to power green growth, protect our planet and build a more sustainable, prosperous global economy that will benefit all nations and people.’
Expectations are high, but what exactly is included in the ideal deal? According to the UN, a few major points that need to be in the agreement are: to set emission targets for both industrialised and developing counties, a plan to secure vulnerable countries as well as a mechanism for distributing funding in a structured, accountable manner.
Global business leaders are also actively raising awareness and lobbying for the petition. Dr. S.S.D.Pandey, CEO of India’s Global Synergetic Foundation, put it this way: ‘Open minds about the power of common efforts can give us another opportunity.’
Getting involved is easy, simply go to the website, www.sealthedeal2009.org and click on the link under called, ‘sign petition.’ The website also contains news, multi-media, an events calendar and networking opportunities.
The concert, which includes a one hour after-party with Senegalese-American R&B star Akon, is in support of the global campaign and is timed on the first day of the conference to send a clear message to world leaders to agree on a powerful climate change agreement here, in Copenhagen. Concert tickets are available at www.billetlugen.dk, with a limited number available at a reduced price.